INNA Education Research Bursary

Education Research Bursary Award 

The Committee is delighted to announce the application process for the Education Research Bursary.   


The bursary is available to INNA members and can be awarded to either an individual or a group of members.  This bursary is available to those interested in obtaining funding to

         Attend national/international conferences; study days; short term courses or any other relevant educational activity

         Conduct research projects or clinical based projects


The Application process is as follows: -


       Applicants must be members of INNA in 2015

       The bursary fund will be distributed at the discretion of the committee

       Applicants are required to submit a short abstract, relevant to renal/transplant nursing practice.  This abstract can relate to:

    Literature Review

    A proposal for research study

    Findings from a research study

    Clinical project

    Case study


        The abstract should be a maximum of 150 words and include

    A title

    Background using up to date literature, within the last five years,

relevant to renal/transplant nursing practice and which is appropriately referenced

    Abstracts involving research papers should include the following:-

problem/situation investigated, research question, research approach, sampling, data collection method and data analysis method.  Where research has been completed you are required to include the findings, recommendations and implications for renal/transplant nursing practice and patient care. Literature used in this abstract must be appropriately referenced.

    Abstract must be typed


       Applicants must submit the abstract with a completed application form to


Glenda Taylor








Renal Clinical Facilitator

Tallaght Hospital,


Dublin 24.

INNA Education officer

       not later than Friday 27th Febrary 2015.





application form


Education Research Bursary




Applicant Information



Job title:

First name:


Family name:


Home address:











INNA membership number:

Length of membership:

Membership expiration date:


History of renal/transplant nursing experiences



This abstract is a (please tick appropriate box):

  case study                                         yes             no    

  literature review                              yes             no    

  A proposal for research study       yes             no    

  Findings from a research study    yes             no    

  Clinical project                              yes             no    

  Other (please specify)


Please attach typed abstract (maximum 150 words) to the application form and submit before Friday 27th February 2015: -


Education Officer



Glenda Taylor


Renal Clinical facilitator


Tallaght Hospital

Contact No:

0868347959 / 014142587


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