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INNA discussion forum is now active! To log on please go to the Practice Page.

This discussion board is provided by the Irish Nephrology Nurses Association (INNA) as a benefit to the members and will facilitate the exchange of ideas, concerns or questions related to renal nursing profession including renal care, practice and education. INNA does not exert editorial control over materials that are posted to this discussion board by INNA members onto this site nor over materials that are directly emailed by INNA members directly to any other persons. Member comments represent the views of the individual and are not the views of INNA or the hospital/ renal unit/ place of employment with which individuals are affiliated. Hospital/ renal unit/ place of employment affiliations are posted at member discretion to facilitate member networking. INNA is not responsible for any material whatsoever posted by any third party, and therefore disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages resulting from any such postings. By clicking onto this discussion board you acknowledge your acceptance of these terms.




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