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Role and Responsibilities of Secretary

Pre conference
  • Location of Conference: Will approach renal units as to their interest in hosting the Annual Conference
  • Conference Agenda: based on feedback from members and conference evaluation will decide with other committee members on topics for next conference agenda
  • Distribution List: maintains address labels for distribution list
  • Call for abstracts for conference: sends letters calling for abstract to all renal units which should be completed by May
  • Sponsorship List: maintains sponsorship list
  • Sponsors: sends letter to potential sponsors which should be completed by end of September and confirm sponsors/activities by January and February eg. bags, paper, pens, name badges, catering
  • Secretary prepare report for AGM
  • Registration Table: organise with Treasurer registration station for conference
  • Present report for AGM
Regional Meeting
  • Location of Regional Meeting: Secretary and President will approach renal units as to their interest in hosting the Annual Conference
  • Flyers for Regional meeting: organise the printing of flyers for regional meeting and send these to those on the distribution list. Should be distributed by mid August.
Committee activities
  • Address for the Association will be that of the Honorary Secretary
  • Dates/Venue for Committee Meetings: Sets dates/Location and venues for committee meetings. This is done at the May meeting for the following year include the date for next May meeting
  • Minutes of Committee Meetings: Maintains a record of the minutes of meeting. Emails these minutes including action points to committee members two weeks after the meeting
  • Distribution List: corporate, health service providers and colleges
  • Formats and distributes a letter to members giving notice of the AGM and deadline for return of motions for consideration at the AGM.
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